The rise of Jeremy Corbyn.

Source: The rise of Jeremy Corbyn. In a little over 4 months time I will reach the age of 90 . My only chance I believe of my seeing again a Labour government in my lifetime , rests with Labour being elected in 2020 , with Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister. For the sake of my children, who will all have reached their ‘half century’ by 2020, our grandchildren, and all others who follow me, for all of their sakes, we must have a Labour government in power again to ‘undo’ all of the evils brought about by the Thatcher, Blair, Coalition and Cameron led governments. For the benefit of the whole country, we must again have a society which recognises the value of it’s workers. ALL of it’s workers, be they manual or ‘white collar’,white-skinned or black, male or female, private sector or public. We must too ensure the survival of the National Health Service, and ‘Care Services for the Elderly’. I believe only the Labour Party will do this. Determination of our life-span is beyond our control, but we can strongly influence the quality of our own life and the lives of others, by sharing and caring and helping others less fortunate than ourselves. My idea of Socialism .


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